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What is the Vade Mecum of Space? Q & A

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What is the Vade Mecum of Space? Q & A

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:55 am

Q: What is Vade Mecum?
A: According to Webster's dictionary Vade Mecum is:
Main Entry: va·de me·cum [url= mecum'][/url] [url= mecum'][/url]
Pronunciation: \ˌvā-dē-ˈmē-kəm, ˌvä-dē-ˈmā-\
Inflected Form(s):plural vade mecums
Etymology:Latin, go with me
Date:16291 : a book for ready reference : manual
2 : something regularly carried about by a person

Q: What does this have to do with SPACE?
A: SPACE is not only big, it’s also mysterious. There exists within SPACE an ancient Mystery. There is much history, facts, and theories surrounding SPACE which have not been written down. It's exists mainly in an oral form. We hope by collaboration with all Spaceniques, we can answer the questions and produce a compendium.

Q: Why call it a Vade Mecum instead of a compendium or other term?
A: Because vade mecum sounds cooler than compendium - that being said - suggestions for other names are welcomed.

Q: Will this Vade whatchamacallit change the "STORY" and other stuff already written down?
A: No. Quite the opposite. the Vade Mecum of Space will not alter the story or other stuff, it will provide greater insight and serve as a guide to the Story etc.

Q: How do we go about creating the Vade Mecum of Space?
A: First we need to decide on an overall framework to organize the work. Do we free form and toss out thoughts - let things evolve as they may, or do we go to the other extreme and create an outline... or something in between?

Next, we start asking questions and discussing answers. Some spaceniques may prefer an open give and take discussion as opposed to mulling things over and presenting their thoughts in a more formal written format. It's up to each spacenique to decide how they will participate and how much they wish to contribute.

Q: What will the Vade Mecum of Space look like when it's done?
A: Who knows? It could be in a published format, hard copies or as a PDF. It could be a series of blog postings, similar to a "serial" format. It could end up as an audio/visual documentary. Or all three. Or as something completely different. We won't really know what the "end" will look like until we begin.

Q: Who will take the lead with the Vade Mecum of Space?
A: Anyone willing to tackle the herding of spaceniques. Because this is a relatively new idea, I'm willing to take the lead - however, if there are any other volunteers, I'll happily turn over the keys to them.

Q: So what are the questions?
A: Paul has pulled together a brief explaination and provided a list of questions. It's posted on this forum. These questions are by no means the only questions. Spaceniques are encouraged to add to the questions, and as we proceed with the project even more questions will emerge.

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